Weekly classes on Zoom: Friday Mornings

10 – 12.00 £35.00 per five week term.


Please email for current term dates.

Weekly classes on Zoom: Monday Evenings

19.00 – 21.00  £42.00 per six week term.

Please email for more information, specifying which course(s) you are interested in.

Terms MUST be paid in full a fortnight before the course runs please.

Della also offers workshops to individual writing groups.

Please Please email for more information.

If you can’t make it to a course but would still like feedback on your work and some one-to-one personal advice, why not try Della’s Critique & Speak service?
She will give feedback on a piece of fiction or non fiction of up to 3,000 words, and call you at a pre-arranged time to discuss any issues. Price £45.00.
Call to be made to a landline. Duration of call 30 minutes max.

Praise for Della’s courses

“Della is a fantastic teacher. I have attended her ‘writing for the terrified’ course in Gillingham for just over a year, and in that time have progressed from not having written a word of creative writing since I left school (many, many years ago!), to having a story published in People’s friend magazine. I was absolutely delighted about this and feel so much more confident about my writing and how to structure a story. Classes are always interesting and fun. Della always has a good structure to lessons, with a workshop / teaching hour and then time for us to read our work out if we want to. I was very nervous about reading my work out to begin with, but there is never any pressure and I have actually found it invaluable to get feedback on my work from both Della and the rest of the group. Della is very good at time management and manages to fit a lot of content into a lesson, always keeping to the point of what the lesson is about. She has numerous tips and advice for all types of writing, from flash fiction and short stories to novel writing. I always leave a class feeling freshly enthused to write.”

Liz Meyer

“In her lectures or in her ‘how to write’ books, no one matches Della for advice on  writing.”
Bob Bishop

“Della’s courses are not only good fun, but teach how to develop your work from idea to sale. She is generous with her knowledge, and covers every aspect of fiction and non-fiction writing. Many workshops I have attended later resulted in a short story being sold. I thoroughly recommend attending. You won’t be disappointed!”

Rosie Edser