Fat Free Cakes and Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread House

About time we had some more food on this blog – or to be more precise, cakes!

Here is a picture of a gingerbread house, made by my clever sister in law, Angie. Isn’t it absolutely fantastic.

It’s entirely edible, in case you were wondering. Those posts around the little blue icing pond are matchmakers.

There are smarties on the roof and lots of gingerbread and icing.

Heaps and heaps of calories and sugar.  Sigh.

I wish I could make a ‘cake’ like this. Bigger sigh.

Here is a picture of a cake I made just now.

Chocolate Swiss Roll


Not quite as impressive is it!

Which would you prefer?

Before you answer that, scroll down.

Slightly different angle


Front view





What if I told you that the gingerbread house was a calorie overload in every tiny bite, a slimmer’s nightmare (You knew that anyway, didn’t you!)

Whereas this swiss roll is totally fat free. Sugar free too. In fact, you can eat the whole thing in one sitting without worrying about adding a single centimetre to your waistline.



It tastes quite nice too. In fact the first one I made disappeared before I could take any photos of it. I – er – ate it!


Food for thought!





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8 Responses to Fat Free Cakes and Gingerbread Houses

  1. Fat and sugar free cake? Sounds odd but if we’re allowed to eat lots of it then it’s worth a try.

    Can you share the recipe – or tell us where we can find it?

  2. Teresa says:

    The gingerbread house looks pretty, but I’m not a big fan of gingerbread, so I’ll have a slice of the other one (if there’s any left) ta 😉 x

  3. Peter Jones says:

    It’s absolutely amazing what you can do with vegetables isn’t it. How did you get those carrot slices to look so much like strawberries?

  4. Della Galton says:

    Very funny! I shall post you a piece if you like!

  5. Karen says:

    Cake is my downfall, so if you’ve invented a sugar-free version I can’t wait for that book to come out!

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