Finding Time To Write

As every writer knows, there are always a dozen more pressing things to do than actually write.  But if you really want to, then you will find the time.  Below are some suggestions which I have found helpful.

What time of day?

Everyone has a good and bad time to write.  Some writers prefer to get up half an hour early in the morning, others to burn the midnight oil. Decide which is best for you and aim to write then. It’s probably best not to aim for a certain number of words.  Instead, aim to write for a set period of time every day.

Write when you’re in a working frame of mind

Some writers find it easier to get going if they’re already in a working mood.  You might be able to stay on at work for an extra hour a day – or start earlier.

Utilise time that would otherwise be wasted

What do you normally do in your lunch hour?  If this is wasted time, then you could use it to write.  Take a notebook and pen outside, or, if there is nowhere quiet to concentrate at your workplace, try sitting in the car.

I know one very busy lady who always took two old ladies shopping on Thursdays.  While they were going round Sainsbury’s she sat in the car and wrote.  She called it her supermarket writing.  She wrote three novels like this!

Know what you’ll write about before you sit down 

This might sound obvious, but it’s a lot easier (and less time consuming) if you know what you’re actually going to write about before you begin.  If you know what the first line is and have a vague idea of the storyline, you can get straight into the writing.  Thinking time should not have to take place at the computer.  It can be done while you’re washing up, walking the dog, etc.

Some time is better than no time

We are often put off by not having a long stretch of time at our disposal.  The truth is you don’t need a lot of time.  Everyone writes at different speeds, but not many people finish a whole piece in one sitting.  You will have to come back to it again, but if you don’t start you’ll have nothing to edit.  Even if you only have twenty minutes – make a start.  You’ll be amazed how the time adds up.

Happy Writing.


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4 Responses to Finding Time To Write

  1. Sue Blackburn says:

    I do tend to write when I have the time not at a specific time as not necessarily ‘in the mood’ then! I have a notice on my computer saying ‘write first’ to stop me going on Blogs and FB first! Doesn’t work (blush!!)
    Great tips though Della – thank you. 🙂 xx

  2. Patsy says:

    It definitely helps to have a story in mind before I switch on the computer – that way I’m far more likely to start writing than looking at facebook or whatever.

  3. Martin Ricky says:

    Writing at night has always worked the best for me! It gives me a chance to reflect on the day and usually there are very little distractions as the night is winding down. If I am able to write 2 or 3 posts in 4 hours one night then I am set for the week! Lately it’s worked very well. Thanks for the tips.

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