Flash Fiction Competition

Update on 250 word competition – The New Year Resolution that went wrong!

Oh my gosh, that’ll teach me to organise a short story competition and only give myself a day to judge it!

I was overwhelmed by the volume of entries.  I received 31 stories.  They were a great selection. Thank you so much for entering.

The most popular themes were:

Giving up drinking.

Giving up smoking.

Dieting/getting fit.

Finding a new man.

Combinations of the above.

Any of these could have worked as long as they had an original angle. The main two reasons stories didn’t make the shortlist were because:

They had a weak ending.  Lots of them started really well, and then tailed off.

They weren’t original or didn’t have an original slant

I ended up making a shortlist. My top six stories were written by the following writers:

Ginny Swart, Veronica Ryder, Karla Brecon, Caroline Hall, Hilary Forrest and Alyson Hilbourne.

The winner will be announced and available to read on this blog at 4.30 pm today.

Not that I like to keep you in suspense!

While you’re here though!

Check out my Flash Fiction Course

If you are interested in exploring Flash Fiction in more detail I am running a Flash Fiction course in Bournemouth on Saturday 28 April.  The course runs from 10.00 a.m. till 4.00 p.m. and costs £35.00

If you have entered this competition you are entitled to a £5.00 discount on the cost – just mention this when you email me to book.

And, and and and and ….If you haven’t won you can buy a signed copy of Moving On – Short Story to Novel for a discounted price of £7.99 plus post and package by emailing me on dellagalton@yahoo.co.uk before the end of January.

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