Free Fiction Friday

If you follow me on twitter, subscribe to my public facebook updates or have liked the daily della facebook page, you’ll have noticed that for the past couple of weeks I’ve been giving away an issue of Daily Della every Friday. I know, generous is my middle name 🙂

This seems to be quite popular. One of my friends said I should call it “Free Fiction Friday” – which rather appeals to me. So I am!

So… from now on, each Friday* between now and Christmas, you’ll be able to download a new Daily Della (featuring some of my favourite short stories from the last twenty five years) from or, for absolutely nothing!

There’s one there now, should you be fancying something free right now.

Oh and by the way, they’re not just for your coffee break. They go very well with a nice glass of wine too 🙂

Happy reading!



* and maybe a few days either side 🙂

(The FREE Kindle reader app is available for all smart phones, tablets, PCs and Macs.
Download it here.)

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