Ice and a Slice

You know when authors tell you, ‘this is the novel I always wanted to write?’  Well Ice and a Slice is mine. Ice and a Slice is the novel I always wanted to write.

I’ve landed myself two agents on the strength of it. Both of them helped me to make it better, particularly my current agent, Becky Bagnell, from the Lindsay Literary Agency,  and I am very grateful.

Ice and a Slice is about friendship, it’s about beating the odds and it’s about love.  The heroine, Sarah Jane, is deeply flawed and deeply human and I love her to bits.

Sarah Jane thinks everything is just great.  Her family is great, her marriage is great, her life is great. But Sarah Jane has a secret that is eating her up – life isn’t quite as great as she’d like to believe. She is in denial about her family, her marriage and her life. But most of all she is in denial about her drinking.

Her best friend, Tanya, has much worse problems. Sarah-Jane is determined to help her out with them – just as soon as she’s convinced Kit, the very nice man at the addiction clinic, that she’s perfectly fine.

She is perfectly fine, isn’t she?

There’s a lot of me in this novel.  There’s a lot of truth in it. It’s the novel where I finally found my voice. I hope that one day I’ll write another novel as good as this one.

I hope, also, that you’ll love reading Ice and a Slice as much as I loved writing it.

Available now for Kindle. Paperback coming soon.

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  1. Jill Stitson says:

    Ice and a Slice is a powerful, raw book, not for the faint-hearted. Della Galton’s ‘heroine’, SJ, is an alcoholic but one can feel only sympathy for her as we are drawn into her mind. Beautifully written

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