My favourite cup is no more

I Just broke my favourite mug.  It was a present for being on the committee of Swanwick Writers in 2010 (An excellent summer school for writers by the way, see link below). It was white with Swanwick 2010 written in blue on it and it was exactly the right size for coffee and I had to have it by me when I wrote – otherwise my stories would be rubbish.

And now it’s broken. And what if I can never write again?

Yes, I know, I am mad. I thought that was a qualification you needed to be a writer!

Mind you, thinking about it, I did used to have a lucky gold-coloured two inch pixie who stood on my desk and without whom I couldn’t write a word and I haven’t seen him for ages. And I still seem to have been writing. So maybe it won’t matter about the mug.

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