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Winter Reading for 99p

Just Thought I’d pop in and mention that The Morning After The Life Before is 99p till this Thursday (22 October 15). So if you fancied reading the sequel to Ice and a Slice, now’s your chance 🙂 Nothing like … Continue reading

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Happy Ever After – or is it? How do you get a good end?

For me, endings have always been the most difficult thing to get right.  But a bad ending can ruin an otherwise excellent story. There are all sorts of bad endings. You probably recognise most of these. They don’t really need … Continue reading

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Creating Suspense in Short Stories – Three Top Tips

I used to believe that the art of writing suspense was mostly about technique – short sentences build tension and pace, longer sentences slow it down. But suspense means so much more than this. So what does the word suspense … Continue reading

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Getting Very Excited about my Book Launch this Saturday

I have been banging on about this for weeks on Facebook and Twitter, but just in case you’ve been away on Mars, or you don’t use Facebook and Twitter, I wanted to mention one more time that my book launch … Continue reading

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