The Wednesday Writing Spot – Guest Blog from, Erotica Author, Candy Knight

This week I am teaching, How to Write and Sell Erotica, for The Writers’ Holiday, Caerleon, so it is with very great pleasure that I would like to introduce you to another erotica author and friend of mine, Candy Knight. ย Over to you, Candy…

Hi Della, thank you for inviting me, it’s lovely to be here. I’m relatively new on the writing scene so I’ll start with telling the readers a little about myself and a wee bit about my life as an erotic author.

I was born in a quintessential village hidden in the green rolling hills in the Surrey downs, just south of London, in the era when โ€œgayโ€ meant happy and magazine models were not airbrushed beyond all recognition. Of course it no longer exist as it’s been swallowed up by Greater London now ๐Ÿ™

I started to write erotica a couple of years ago but the genre wasn’t actually my first choice. My earlier books were of the ‘self help’ variety and they still do quite well but I got bored with them and there’s only so much you can write about overeating and weight loss.

Then I saw a discussion on the T.V. about how the Kindle and e-readers in general were taking the world by storm and one of the main reasons for this phenomenon was that it gave people the freedom and opportunity to read whatever they fancied, wherever they wanted, without the embarrassment of being ‘caught out’. You could now stand on a busy bus or train and no one would have a clue as to what you’re reading!

As a result, downloads of erotic fiction had gone through the roof and there was an increasing demand for well written erotica. About a week later I saw an advertisement for a creative erotic writing course and booked two places straight away.

The hubs and I went together and it was a hoot. We were so embarrassed to start with but everyone was in the same boat and the facilitator was lovely and made everyone feel at ease ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  After a couple of hours it seemed perfectly natural to be chatting with complete strangers about sex. We had a great time and I haven’t looked back! The story that I started in class that weekend was the first that I published and I called it Unintentional Mistress, I have also included the story in my anthology Ultimate Gift.ย 

Only a select few know that I write erotica, not because I’m ashamed but because the people that I have told seem to think that I must actually try out everything that I write about. It makes me laugh because if I wrote about an axe murdering serial killer, would they assume that I go around chopping people up to see how it’s done? No, of course not but I still get the odd sideways glance when I stand next to other peoples husbands.

My life is very unglamorous and when I approach different tasks I like to wear the appropriate outfit to put me in the right mood. For instance if I exercise I put on a gym kit and if I play golf I don my golf attire but when I sit down to write my erotic stories instead of lacing up my corset and putting on my fishnet stockings, I put of my comfy, fleecy P.J.’s. Yes really! I have no idea why, I just find it easier to write naughty stories in my jim-jams.

In ‘real’ life the sexiest thing I get up to, is going to see burlesque shows, my favourites are Wanton Words and Burlesque Bombshells which is more like going to an old time music hall with its variety acts and it great fun. The other is Burlesque Fever which is far more traditional, it’s fabulous, very professional and you would be amazed to see that the audience is made up mostly of groups of women!

Anyway, enough about me and I would just like to congratulate you on your success with Ice and Slice, I really loved it and it did make me cry!

If the readers would like to know more about my life as an erotic writer and see what I look like they can take a hop over to my website where they can see some pictures and read my blog. Thereโ€™s also all the links to buy my new erotic anthology Ultimate Giftย if they fancy and they can follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you so much for letting my drop by Della, I’ve really enjoyed it.

And I have very much enjoyed having you, Candy, oops maybe I’d better rephrase that – you can’t say anything about erotica without it having a double meaning ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for coming. ย Nooooo……

Let’s start again. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you very much for guest blogging for me, Candy, I am delighted that you enjoyed my writing course. ๐Ÿ™‚ I knew Unintentional Mistress was a winner, and wishing you all the very best with your books.

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4 Responses to The Wednesday Writing Spot – Guest Blog from, Erotica Author, Candy Knight

  1. I once tried writing erotica, but me efforts didn’t satisfy me so I put that idea to bed. I have thought up a few pen names just in case I get the urge though.

    See, it’s perfectly possible to comment on the subject without double meanings ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Della Galton says:

    Tee hee, Patsy. I like the thrust of your narrative style ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Mark Morris says:

    I’ve dabbled a little too. Nothing full length yet – sorry, Della – but a few trial pieces that some of my virtual friends say they rather enjoyed!

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