Value For Money – Daily Della #09

Bonjour Fiction Fans! More short fiction for your daily coffee break. Enjoy!

Value For Money – Daily Della #09

Third in a series of Twist-in-the-Tale Daily Dellas – five short stories, each with an unexpected ending.

Value For Money; Sarah’s next-door neighbour, Nick, is a dab hand at DIY. Unfortunately, her boyfriend, Danny isn’t, but that doesn’t stop him trying to outdo Nick. Sarah is desperate to prevent Danny’s DIY disasters, although it takes her a while to come up with the perfect solution.

The Best Laid Plans; Katie doesn’t plan on spending her 25th wedding anniversary in bed – well, not in a hospital bed anyway. But then perhaps she shouldn’t be surprised as she and Paul don’t have a very good track record when it comes to anniversaries. But Paul has a plan. Can he carry it out before fate intervenes?

The Forgery; Jason is thrilled when Grace Harding brings a valuable Stubbs Painting into his antique shop, offering it for sale. He tells the old lady it’s not worth that much – as it’s an excellent forgery – although it does still have some value. Jason isn’t the only one who’s not being completely honest, but who will get the better of who?

Horse Sense; Sarah loves horses, but hasn’t wanted anything to do with them since she broke up with her farrier boyfriend, Micky. The associations are just too painful. But then her sister, Carol, asks her if she’ll help her out with her horse and she grudgingly agrees. Can she learn to move on?

The Homing Instinct; Tara, who owns an animal sanctuary, thinks Ben Anderson is the perfect owner for one of her dogs. But Albert, who works for Tara, has other ideas. So what exactly is going on that Tara doesn’t know about? And should she be as worried as Albert is?

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