Wednesday Writing Spot – Being a Rebel

Just a very short blog today because I am doing National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo)   You know – the challenge where you have to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November.  There’s no prize for succeeding, although I think you may get a virtual badge.

I discovered recently that I’m a nano rebel.  Because – OK – time to fess up, I’m not writing a novel at all. I’m writing short stories. Writing 50,000 words worth of short stories would be far more use to me than writing a novel, I decided.  But was it in the rules? Would I still qualify? Would I get my badge? I like getting badges!  Anyway, apparently it’s fine to write short stories but I really am a Nano rebel (who knew?)  If you want to find out if you’re a nano rebel click on the link below.

Are you a nano rebel?

So how am I doing with the writing? Well, I started on the 1st November and so far I’ve written 11,953 words, which equates to 1992 per day apparently.  And means I’m on target to finish my 50,000 words by November 26th. Oo-er!  Mind you, that’s if I don’t have a day off, which I think is unlikely as I might end up dead from exhaustion – being as I also have to teach writing classes, do my other scheduled work and sleep occasionally.

I’ve written 6 short stories so far.  They are not all finished, I hasten to add.  Some of them are nearly finished. Some of them are not so nearly finished and may never reach that exalted state because I don’t know how to end them.  Although I might do, one day!

Two of them – both 1000 words – are finished. I hooked them out of my Nano document, edited them and submitted them to magazines yesterday.

The acid test is whether or not they sell.  I will keep you posted.

Am I enjoying the experience?

I am – immensely. It is very freeing just writing without editing as I go along – which is the essence of doing Nano.

Would I have usually written two stories since Friday and subbed them to magazines?

Possibly. But I wouldn’t have had another four draft stories (two of which, I think will work well) waiting in the wings.  And hey, we’re only six days in.

Is it worth doing Nano? 

Well it definitely is for me!

If you’re interested in writing short stories – or novels – please check out The Toolsheds. Both are in paperback and are available for kindle.

Thank You.

More Next Week.

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9 Responses to Wednesday Writing Spot – Being a Rebel

  1. Penny says:

    You’re having fun, Della 🙂 which is the point, I think! It does suggest on the website that ‘a novel’ doesn’t *have* to be written from L to R all the way through. Episodes and dotting about are just fine! So – could be in short story form, why not?
    I’ve enjoyed doing the 50k words a few times before, but this time I’m aiming for 25k. So no badge but a good time anyway.
    Best of luck! See you there?
    P (aka Lucy May)

    • Della Galton says:

      Hi Penny,
      Yes, am loving it. Hope you are too. I didn’t realise you were Lucy May.
      My short stories are definitely NOT connected. Nor were ever intended to be. 🙂
      Lots of separate (hopefully) magazine stories.
      Happy writing x

  2. Linda says:

    Hi Della

    Good luck! It’s hard enough doing NaNo, with just one idea, let alone different stories. But just think of the satisfaction at the end, and all that material you use. Mind you, if anyone can do it I’m sure you can.

  3. Patsy says:

    Oooh you rebel! (I’m not doing at all and can’t decide if that makes me more or less of a rebel.)

  4. Wendy Clarke says:

    I think it should be counted, Della. I am renaming our version Nashostowrimo – not doing the count officially, but have written and submitted three stories this week (more than usual).

  5. Karen says:

    I do this on the quiet, Della! Rather than commit fully to my novel (I’m a rebel too) I tell myself as long as I’m writing the required amount of words each day it still counts!

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