Writing Retreat – Day Four

Wednesday  30 November

Must do some more writing. Back to Chapter Two. Delete lots of what I wrote.  Force myself not to edit later chapter in novel.  Finally get going on chapter Two, even though I delete more words.

Wed afternoon/eve

Haven’t even read the three competitions I brought with me to judge. Must, must do that. They all have deadlines. Spend entire afternoon and evening reading them and making notes.  Have the shortlist of 6 in the one I am judging for Wimborne Literary Festival. (This is flash fiction so not too long). Great entries. Hard to decide.

Have the shortlist of 11 in another and the shortlist of 7 in another.   Make decisions on these two, but not the Flash Fiction. Must agree to judge fewer competitions. They are a wonderful displacement activity. Like blogging!

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2 Responses to Writing Retreat – Day Four

  1. “Must do some more writing” Me too! Funny how, even though it’s what we want to do, writers spend so much time avoiding actually writing.

  2. Della Galton says:

    Yes, have actually been writing today – as in proper writing I’ll get paid for (hopefully). Am rewarding myself with blogging 😉

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