Wednesday Writing Spot – Avoiding Writer’s Bottom!

I have to confess that this post doesn’t have a lot to do with writing, unless you count avoiding writer’s bottom 🙂 I suddenly realised that I should really have put this post out on Monday, and Monday’s post should have gone out today.  So apologies in advance.

But if you are interested in avoiding Writer’s Bottom – and who isn’t! Then please read on.

Here are three yummy uses of 0% Total Yoghurt, which is fat free. (just in case you are interested!)

  1. Stir a very heaped teaspoon of Nutella through it, then dollop over a sliced banana. Awesome and pretty saintly.
  2. Use it to dollop over hot beef chilli (instead of full fat yoghurt) it’s better. Nice flavour.
  3. Use it instead of cream on fresh fruit salad. (you can wear a halo while doing this as it’s positively saintly)
And no, I am not on commission. Unfortunately. Just feeling rather peckish.

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  1. I had fat free yoghurt on my Thai curry this evening – I’m not telling you how much coconut I put in though.

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